Jun 07 2015“Instead of that reliance which the soul suggests, on the eternity of truth and duty, men are misled into a reliance on institutions, which the moment they cease to be the instantaneous creations of the devout sentiment are worthless.”    Emerson

I face my world with a courage born of my knowledge of God.  I am never alone, never deserted and never without aid.  My reliance is on Him who brought me forth to express His life divine.  Indwelling me, there is a center of Mind and Love, where Power awaits my recognition.  From this inner Christ I draw greatly on God.  The inexhaustible action of Divine Mind is the power of my thinking, and I have the courage to do all things.  Directed from within, I see the falsity of external authority.  God in the midst of me is my Power and my Deliverance from all that would beset me.

Steadfastly knowing my inner strength, I am no longer appalled at what I need to meet.  Challenges change to opportunities; problems to possibilities.  Urged forward by Divine Truth, I proceed into correct action and bring forth right solutions.  I am no longer the victim of verdicts, whether they be medical, economic, age, social or financial.  I have but one Divine Verdict upon me – God declares forevermore that I am His eternal Son.  That alone is true of me, and knowing this I have no fear.  His whole Mind and Love are mine to use for right activities, and I use them with ease.

As there is no power opposed to omnipotent Mind, there is no power opposed to me as Its beloved outlet.  I now erase all opposition within my own thought, and am a free and open channel for Omnipotence.  I face all things with faith, cheer and the expectancy of good.  I am a spiritual optimist, for I know that with God’s help everything works together for good.  My life is now a victorious one, and problems dissolve as I think the Truth.  Today is filled with victory.

Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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