“A man contains all that is needful to his government within himself.  He is made a law unto himself.  All real good or evil that can befall him must be from himself.”


I stand in a universe which responds to me.  My world being a subconscious intelligence must respond to my conscious thought, act upon it, and produce what I decree.  It has no power to resist me, and no way of not doing what I direct.  I act upon the One Mind and the world of form reacts to me in direct response.  My word is power.  My thought is a direction to the universal power and presence.  My active treatment is a command to the subconscious to produce what I want.  Knowing what I really want, I now speak with authority to my own mind, and the sum-total powers of the universe produce my command in form.  This is my power and my authority as a Son of God.

Jesus bid the waves be still, and they calmed at his word.  I now look out upon the troubles of my own experience, and declare “Peace, be still.”  Jesus demonstrated to all that God’s Power is the only Power.  I am a center of this Power, and It seeks my recognition and direction.  My thought directs It and my emotions motivate It.  I am the only authority in my world.  I may give this authority to others, to situations or to conditions, but it is my free choice to do so.  God’s action through me is only conditioned by me, and I now give It freedom to act for my good, by directing It to do so.

Nothing can happen to me, unless I am the channel through which it acts.  I now refuse all evil, all inharmony and all disease.  My mind is centered in the good, the true and the wise.  Projecting good, I experience good.  Wise in the ways of the Spirit, I know what to do and speak my word to accomplish it.  In me there is Wisdom born of God.  In me there is Love born of the Infinite Love.  I now decree their release into my experience.  I decree my own good, and this makes it a good to others.  I accept the responsibility of life.  I declare the Truth and my world must mirror only Truth.


Taken from “365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker




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