JUNE 21   


“We cannot describe the natural history of the soul, but we know it is divine.  But this I know, that these wonderful qualities did not now begin to exist, cannot be sick with my sickness, nor buried in any grave; but that they circulate through the universe: before the world was, they were.” 


I accept myself as a healthy, whole person endowed with Divine life and the wisdom to maintain It in freedom of action.  I am unconvinced by all the reports of disease and their many classifications.  I condemn no one who believes them or experiences them, but I am certain that God is unaware of illness.  I have faith that the Intelligence which created my body will maintain it in perfect action, if I will cooperate.  In me the Spirit of Wholeness abides and remains untouched by the errors of body.  The Christ in me is never ill, and never depleted.  God in me is the same yesterday, today and forever.

My life and its health is dependent upon my knowledge of God and my practice of Spiritual Truth.  I now increase my understanding of the Divine Idea of Life, and let this Idea be in me a power.  Perfect God around me, perfect Life within me.  I am maintained in wholeness of body and health of mind. I am not subject to any ill; I am owned and operated by Him who made me to be His own.  There is nothing in my subconscious mind to cause, maintain or erase disease.  I have denied the power of evil, sickness and death.  I have affirmed my health, strength and vitality as God’s offspring, and this alone shall I experience.

God’s action through me is perfect and complete.  My whole being is receptive to Life and Joy.  I love health, for God is health.  I rejoice in health, for Life is joyous, creative activity.  Nothing disturbs me, for the calm peace of faith is mine today.  My thinking is based on Truth; my emotions are balanced in Love.  I gladly co-operate with every idea of health, and these ideas come to me from all directions.  All people speak health to me.  I radiate health to them.  I am healed and whole because my mind is centered in the Lord who is health to His people.  I give thanks that never again shall I know other than health.

Taken from “365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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