JULY 1   


Have we not all one Father?  Hath not one God created us? 

Malachi 2:10

Arthur Compton, in The Freedom of Man, tells us that science has discovered nothing which contradicts the idea of a Universal Mind or Spirit to which men are as Its, or His, children.  It would be impossible to converse with each other unless there were a common medium, or, as Emerson said, “one mind common to all individual men.”  It is impossible to depart from this Divine Presence, to be separated from this heavenly Father, which is the Parent Mind.  Since God is everywhere, wherever we are God is.

Today I know that there is one Spirit in everyone I meet.  Realizing that there is one Heavenly Father, I know that there is a brotherhood of humanity.  There are no aliens, no strangers.  The Divine Image in me cannot be separated from the Divine Image in others.  I see God in everyone I meet. The Spirit that is within me responds to the Spirit within them, for we have one Father.

I neither condemn nor make excuses for another’s seeming shortcomings. I endeavor to help him to know that God at the center of his being reveals to him his perfect Being.  In the Kingdom of God within him no false beliefs exist.  No self-frustration nor inner conflict can exist in Heaven within him.  When I can really see God in the person who is in great need, I prove my consciousness of oneness. I am one with the Spirit in all people.

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