Let this mind be in you which was also in Christ Jesus.  

Philippians 2:5

This means that we should recognize the Divine Incarnation, universal in essence but individualized in personal experience.  The spiritual genius of Jesus enabled him to see that each is a unique representation, an individualized expression of One Mind.  The Mind of God in us is the Mind of Christ.  At the center of every man’s being the Eternal Christ waits, knocking at the door of his intellect for admission.  This is not a faraway Presence, nor a future advent.  The recognition of Christ can come to anyone at any time and under any circumstance.  The consciousness that walked over the troubled waters of human experience, the inner calm that stilled the tempest, is accessible to everyone.

The indwelling Christ tells me that the words which I speak are Spirit and Life.  There is a Divine Authority at the center of my being which announces Itself in every act.  I have implicit confidence in that invisible part of me which is my share in the God nature, my partnership with the Infinite, my oneness with all that is.  Therefore, I shall not doubt nor fear, for my salvation is from on High and the time of its appearing is today.

I know that the Christ in me is always triumphant.  I know that Christ in me is one with God; there is no separation, no isolation, no aloneness.  There is a Divine Companion who walks with me and in whose Light I see the Light.

Taken from “365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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