JANUARY 6        


But seek ye first the kingdom of God and his righteousness; and all these things shall be added unto you.  Matthew 6:33

Then, in this way know God; as having all things in Himself as thoughts, the whole Cosmos itself.  Thrice-Greatness Hermes

Jesus saith: “… and the Kingdom of Heaven is within you; and whosoever shall know himself shall find it.  Strive therefore to know yourselves, and ye shall be aware that ye are the sons of the … Father; and ye shall know ye are in the City of God, and ye are that City.  Fragments of a Faith Forgotten

Since the kingdom of God is a kingdom of righteousness and since it is a kingdom which contains everything, then it becomes of prime importance to seek this kingdom, which Jesus so plainly stated is to be found within the self.  Of course he was not referring to the lesser, but to the greater Self; that Self upon which is set the stamp of the Eternal – the God Self.  The real Self is inseparable from God, thus in discovering the self, we also discover God, the Cause of the self.  Naturally, everything is included within the Divine, and since we are in It and It is in us, true self-discovery is the key to the mysteries of life.  Hermes tells us that God has everything within Himself as thought; that the whole cosmos itself is a thing of consciousness.  This is the true City of God – the city of right thoughts and right actions; the city which is four square, the length and breadth and thickness of which are equal.  This is the city which Saint Augustine so beautifully depicts in his great essay on the relationship of the individual soul to the Universal Spirit.  All the sages and seers have plainly told us that we already walk the streets of this city, but like the slaves of Plato, blindfolded, our vision is blurred by shadows cast on the wall of human experience.  Evil deals with shadows, truth deals with light, which dispels the shadows.  We are of the Truth.  Evil is neither person, place nor thing.

Today I consciously live in the Eternal Presence.  The Kingdom of heaven is within me and I live in the City of God.  I am one with all other citizens who inhabit this celestial metropolis.  Here, in a true communion of Spirit, I find unity, peace and joy.   

Taken from “ 365 Days of Richer Living ” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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