The eternal God is thy refuse, and underneath are the everlasting arms.  Deuteronomy 33:27

All this universe has the (Supreme) Deity for its life.  That Deity is Truth.  He is the Universal Soul.  Chhandogys Upanishad

But God will increase the guidance of the already guided.  The Koran

If God is our refuge, why is it that we refuse to avail ourselves of this divine security?  The Psalmist tells us that “the Lord is nigh unto all them that call upon him … in truth.”  This can have but one meaning.  We cannot call upon God in truth unless we enter into the Divine Nature in truth, that is, we cannot expect love to become hate, nor peace to enter into confusion.  If we could call upon God in truth, we must become like the truth.  This is the seemingly unfathomable mystery of the infinite, invisible Essence which surrounds us.  Jesus tells us that if we abide in Him, then His words will abide in us, and we shall ask for anything that we will and it shall be done unto us.  The everlasting arms are beneath but they bear us up only when we enter into the truth.  The Koran tells us that God increases our guidance once we have guidance.  This is a mystical (mystical does not mean mysterious, it means an intuitive perception) way of saying that if we believe in Divine Guidance, then we will be divinely guided.  “Act as though I am, and I will be.”  “Believe and it shall be done unto you.”

Today I believe in Divine Guidance.  Today I believe that underneath are the everlasting arms.  Today I rest in this divine assurance and this divine security.  I know that not only all is well with my soul, my spirit and my mind; all is well with my affairs.

Taken from “ 365 Days of Richer Living ” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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