FEBRUARY 26         


Depart from evil, and do good: seek peace, and pursue it. 

Psalm 34:14

The universe is not to blame for our success or our failure.  Too often, we use it as our alibi for failing to attain our goals.  The wise have always known that they alone determined their good or their evil.  The universe is a plastic, impersonal substance forever taking form according to the patterns which we give it.  Each of us is what he is because of what he conceives himself to be.  Each of us is where he is because of his general state of consciousness.  Metaphysics without teaching a Law would not be a science.  We are constantly thinking something, and the sum-total of our thinking comprises our mental attitude, our consciousness.  This is what we give to the world and on the basis of what we give, the world responds in return.  Its sole purpose is to respond to us and create forms for us.  Knowing this, we stop our stupidities and hold fast to our right thinking.

I stop blaming the conditions of my world and the people around me for my failure to demonstrate Truth.  I look squarely and frankly at myself, and see that which no other man can ever know about me, my real inner thinking.  To every negative in my consciousness I say “begone.”  You have no part of me.  You never did have and you never will have.  I am a spiritual expression of Life, and I am now determined to offer to my world only that which is true of God and of God’s man.  All else is dissolved and gone.  The Lord is with me, His Mind indwells me, and His Plan for me is now in full action establishing me in peace, success and permanent health.  I co-operate fully with God today.

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