And in my prosperity I said, I shall never be moved. 

Psalm 30:6

Prosperity is the Presence of God as ease.  It is the ability to do whatever needs to be done at the instant of time that it needs to be done.  We must realize that prosperity is a larger term than just money.  Money is the symbol of the exchange of ideas in mind, and as such it is good and necessary.  Numberless people demonstrate prosperity without using much money.  They always have what they need and want at the time they need it and want it.  Most families have a “poor relation” somewhere who has never worked in his life, but has always managed to get along comfortably.  Such people are clear in their thought regarding prosperity, but are not clear in their thought regarding money.  So, they demonstrate ease and freedom without actual money in their hands.  We want to make a complete demonstration, and have both money and freedom, and this can be accomplished by scientific prayer, which is the disciplining of consciousness.

There is only one power, the power of God.  This power is the only power at work in my affairs, and it is always working for increase.  I am now under the law of addition and multiplication.  Never again will the law of subtraction and division operate in me.  I fill my mind with God’s ideas of abundance, and nothing can prevent their full demonstration in my affairs.  There is no evil to stop this from taking place, as God is all there is in my world.  I praise prosperity.  I talk prosperity.   I love prosperity, for God is my prosperity.  I accept it with joy, use it with wisdom and release it again into my world with love.  My world is easy, and increased good is appearing.


Taken from “ 365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker







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