Wait on the Lord; be of good courage, and he shall strengthen thine heart: wait, I say, on the Lord.

Psalm 27:14

The secret of self-mastery is a simple one. It is the clear concept that creation begins and ends within the consciousness of the individual experiencing it.  Mind is the only cause and Law is the only process.  The Law does not work with our dreams and visions, the law works with what we really are.  It brings forth into visibility our real understanding of ourselves.  We are in control of our worlds only when we are definitely watching our thought and directing it into the Law.  We are always the centers of our universe.  God never looks down upon us, for Good is looking out from the midst of us.  The Psalmist reminds us to wait on the Lord.  This means to stop a moment and decide whether the idea you are giving the Law is a good one, a divine one.  God strengthens the good ones, and ignores the others, for they are not of His eternal comprehension.

There is only one Mind, so my mind is a function in that one Mind.  God’s Mind expresses intelligence, love and perfect right action.  These activities are now in me and are now working through me.  I let these spiritual ideas have full control of my thinking and my feeling today. I set aside all my personal opinions based upon the questionable appearances of evil.  Divine Intelligence in me guides me to right and loving decisions.  God’s Love in me maintains me in perfect health.  These are statements of Truth and I accept them.  There is nothing in me to oppose them, for God is in control of my thinking today.


Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker


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