The heavens declare the glory of God; and the firmament sheweth his handiwork.  Psalm 19:1

Our only contact with the world is through our five senses. Each of us reacts to the impressions that come to us from them in different ways.  When we make judgments of the world, and of our particular situations in the world, we are actually stating our own limited viewpoints.  We are the only thinkers in our individual worlds.  We alone decide and evaluate the impressions that come in to us.  No matter what negative reactions appeared in the mind of Jesus, he cleared them out and saw the goodness of God in his world.  He was able to heal, prosper and free those around him, because he kept his thought cleared of the false judgments which his senses told him were seemingly true.  We can face the negatives of the universe and see through them to the divine world made by the one perfect Mind.

Today, I dedicate my five senses to the Presence of God.  Whatever my senses tell me about myself, my fellowman or my world, I shall question.  I shall see if it is in accord with God’s idea of man and his world.  I shall see if it accords with a perfect God, creating a prefect man, and maintaining that man in a perfect world of order and love.  I refuse to accept any judgment based upon the false standards of illness, fatigue, lack and inharmony.  These are not of God, and they cannot be true of my world, myself or my fellowman.  I affirm that God is perfect, He made me perfect, and He made this world a heavenly place.  I know this is the Truth.  Only God I see, taste, touch, smell and hear, for God is all there really is.

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