O Lord, our Lord, how excellent is thy name in all the earth.

Psalm 8:1

Today we are labor conscious, and it is essential for us to have a correct understanding of the spiritual nature of our work.  Whether this work is in the home or in the commercial world, it is the same.  The spiritual idea behind all work is the individualizing of the universal action of Infinite Mind.  Our jobs, regardless of location or income level, are the places where we individualize the eternal activity of God.  It is that point where we “let” God unfold through us.  Jesus did his mighty works because he was able to let God flow through him.  We are trying to do the same, and this requires a constant reminder to our outer minds that the inner Intelligence, born of God, will work through us as we let It.  The work of the Lord through man is always toward perfection, and that is why the Psalmist praises the excellency of the name of the Lord. This name is Infinite Mind forever unfolding through man.

The unlimited business of God is taking place through me and giving me ease and comfort in my daily work.  God is never fatigued, and His action taking place in me is one of ceaseless energy, vitality and joy.  I rest in the consciousness of God, and know that at every instant I am sustained, directed and prospered by the unlimited action of the indwelling Father.  All resistance to employment is gone; I love to express the creative activity of God in my work this day.  I work with joy, I accomplish with ease, and I fulfill this day with good results.


Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker


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