DECEMBER 31       


Because it would never claim greatness, Therefore its greatness is fully realized.

The Tao Te Ching

Religion affirms the beauty of Life, and that God fills this world with the beauty of His presence.  Therefore, there is no reason why I should not experience this, and I now do.  My mind is set on beauty, and it appears where I am.  I need not seek it, for already its face is showing itself to me.  People, places and things are beautiful when I look for details of loveliness.  In minute ways Harmony, Order and Right Proportion catch my attention.  All sight is glorious, all music is rich in tones of harmony.  All food is God’s Substance served to me by Intelligence in action.  Even the glass of cold water symbolizes that cup of long ago which gave Life a new meaning.

The beauty of Christ is the glory of my soul.  In the commonplace Jesus saw God, and he bid me to do likewise.  I look out at familiar walls, people and objects and I see them with a new light and a new meaning.  I need not uproot the old to behold the Glory of Life.  I only need to see righty what already is and appreciate the Mind which brought it forth for me to see.  The ugliest building is potent with harmony, order and balance.  Its walls stand because a Law is in action.  Its presence declares a universal Substance, and its form affirms a Divine Intelligence.  I now see it anew, and appreciate an Idea made manifest.  The little becomes the great, for beauty is within it.

Gods action always produces symmetry, and my whole world is filled with the Divine Mind in action under Its perfect Law.  The beauty of Spirit is in me, and I acknowledge it in my brother.  To me all people have qualities of greatness.  Beauty is of the mind and heart as well as of appearance.  These inner powers are the real beauty that no outer application can equal.  The slightest kindness brings beauty to my heart.  No good act is too small to be appreciated.  God blesses me through all people and in all situations.  Wherever I look, beauty is at hand.  God beckons to me in every face, every building, and every landscape.  This is the day of harmony, order and balance.  Beauty is mine.

Taken from “365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes & Raymond Charles Barker

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