For as he thinketh in his heart, so is he.

Proverbs 23:7

The Lord God Omnipotent created me as a free and full expression of itself.  I have the freedom of the Mind which brought me forth to express Its ideas.  I choose, and Divine Law produces.  There is no power to hinder me, and no law to refuse me.  All of Life is mine to use for good, and this I do.  Backed up by Omnipotence, I determine my own results.  I have no one to blame for my mistakes, not even myself.  I refuse to believe that the world acts upon me, for I know that I act upon the world.  My thinking is my environment, and God is my heredity.  I alibi no longer; I face the facts of my own conclusions.  I am determined to demonstrate what I want.

Today I have unlimited health.  His Life in me guarantees this.  As I praise Life, Health, Strength and Vitality, they arise within me and give of themselves through me.  I shall not be tired at the end of this day, for I am constantly renewed by inner power.  His mind in me is my source of health, and this Mind never ceases thinking rightly about me.  It never is defeated by my fears and confusions.  It forever acts, and now I let Its action be my health and my vitality.  Strong in the Lord, I accomplish without strain.  All things are easy, and all work is a pleasure.  I rejoice in my God-given health.  I rejoice in the power and strength that are mine.

Today, I have peace of mind.  It matter not what others believe, nor what others do.  I know Him who created, and I abide in His Love.  I refuse to let the material thinking of others influence me.  I am not dependent upon the world, the world is dependent upon me.  The contagion of evil will find no welcome in my consciousness.  There is nothing in me to agree with it, therefore I cannot experience its falsities.  I know a Divine Plan, a Divine Purpose and a Divine law of action.  This is my all-sufficiency.  My peace comes from my knowledge of God as my source, my life and my deliverance.  My demonstration is, because I know so deeply that it must be.  I give thanks that this is so.

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