Rewards are obtained according to one’s heart.

Garland Suttra 10

The Lord God Omnipotent acts through me.  All Power seeks release through me.  All Love uses me as Its channel.  My spiritual responsibility I now accept.  Knowing that the One Mind focalizes Its ideas through my consciousness, I determine to let God alone think in me today.  If I expect the Law of Mind to produce increased good for me, I must do my part in the process.  I must affirm God’s action in me, and act as a spiritual being.  This means I cannot be a difficult nor unkind person. I must seek to understand my fellowman and each situation as it arises.  If I do not always have my own way, I must see this as right action, and agree with it.

As I open my whole mind to the influx of Truth, I must be willing to let go of all my petty beliefs.  Much of my everyday thinking is not worthy of Him who created me.  I cannot love Truth and at the same time find fault with my work, my family and my friends.  I now decide to live as though every spiritual belief I have were an actual fact.  The teachings of Jesus were that I can do this, and now I will. I refuse to be annoyed by people or situations.  I refuse to be depressed and unhappy.  I know that the action of God is taking place in me and producing for me my good and I let it happen.  No more pettiness for me.  I think in terms worthy of the Mind that indwells me.

The whole action of Truth is upon me, within me and around me.  I give It full control of my thinking and feeling.  The Lord is in His Holy temple within me, and now expressed forth from me.  God in the midst of me is mighty to produce right results around me.  The labor is no longer mine, for He that is within me does His perfect work, and I rejoice in immediate results.  Miracle follows miracle and glory appears on every hand.  All men shall call me blessed, and all people everywhere shall rejoice in my presence.  I move from good to more good, as I let God determine what needs to be done.  God’s action through me at this moment is complete, and beauty appears now.    

Taken from “365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes & Raymond Charles Barker

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