I was a secret treasure, and I created the creatures in order that I might be known.


Warm is the love of the Eternal and it glows within me, satisfying my soul.  The heart of God beats within me its rhythmic harmony of glory.  I am fed in all my depths of emotional need by this inner well of Compassion.  The universe glows with kindliness.  Every man offers me the warmth of and the joy of friendliness.  The Glory of God is upon me and I rest in Its perfect action.  I sense the Divine Friendliness of the world in which I live.  All things work together for my good, and all people appreciate and love me. This deep inner sense of well-being is now forever established, and never again shall I fell loneliness.  Glory abides within me.

The expanding power of God is the joy of my soul.  Every mood of good increases and every feeling of goodness is accentuated.  The Holy Spirit of Peace is upon me and resident in me.  Glorious is my day, and rejoicing is in my heart.  God’s wonderful life within me is not completely explicable.  More than my other mind can describe, more than my intellect can define, is the Glory within me.  Beyond all description is the inner peace and the inner glow.  God in me is a terrific presence of power, love and peace.  This inner deep feeling of greatness now takes control of my thought.

I not only know the Mind of God, but I feel the Presence of the Spirit.  I arise and shine, for the Glory of God is within me, and peace does fill my world.  The Light of Truth is within me, and a feeling of greatness arises.  God in me is saying to me that I am His beloved creation.  To me He gives all that He is, and all He has.  This is wonderful and this is heartwarming.  Warm on the inside and wise on the outside I can accomplish my aims.  The Holy Spirit is in my mind now.  Divine Love floods my emotions.  Glorious is my thinking, and glorious is my experience.  God is my all, no more can I seek.  Omnipresence warms me and Omniscience guides me into a friendlier experience. 

Taken from “365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes & Raymond Charles Barker

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