Where can I find a man who has forgotten words so I can have a word with him?

Chuang Tzu 26

There is nothing to obstruct the Spiritual word that I speak. All the power of God is for me, and all the power of God is working through me.  As I make these statements of Truth, the Truth happens in my world.  I speak the Truth, and the Truth sets me free.  This word is not dependent upon my will, for it is the action of God taking place through me.  I now declare my own spiritual perfection as a Child of Omnipotence.  I speak the Truth and the Truth happens to me.  Health appears in my body for I know God as the health of my mind.  Strength flows through me and vitality is instantly available.  I am free in body to do all those things which need to be done.  I am health.

My prosperity is definite, for God thinks His prosperous ideas through me.  I now demonstrate permanent abundance.  I live with wisdom, but I live with ease.  All the Substance of Mind is in action as my immediate and permanent prosperity.  I use money for I see it as God’s mean of maintaining me in freedom.  This flow of good is right where I am, and is happening this moment.  I declare my freedom in finance.  God is my supply right now.  What I need, the One Mind provides this day. All life is backing me up as I make this statement.  Even my own subconscious fears cannot prevent this demonstration.  My word is a law unto that to which I speak it.  It is God declaring Himself by means of me.

I accept demonstration as normal.  God has offered Himself to me, and I let His Mind do what It desires.  The Infinite loves me.  The Infinite appreciates me.  The Infinite wants me to be at peace.  This I now accept as my demonstrations.  My destiny has been given into my hands by the Spirit, and I select my world as carefully as I would select a gift.  I choose what I want, and declare it.  I let the Law of Mind bring forth my decisions.  Unlimited, save by my own wrong beliefs, I stand in a Process Divine which works for me, as I direct It.  Demonstrations follow demonstrations hourly.  Good appears on every hand.  Love offers Itself to me and God gives me what I want.  

Taken from “365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes & Raymond Charles Barker

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