The superior man by determined good conduct nourishes his virtue.

I Ching 4: Immaturity

Today is the day which I prove that the power of Mind is greater than the power of material belief.  What I face today, and the mental attitude in which I face it, will determine my experience today.  I cannot blame my mistakes on the past.  The subtle deceit of so doing entices me, but I refuse to believe it.  I am not conditioned by my childhood, I am only conditioned by my present thinking.  The past with all its combination of good and bad is now only a force of creative memory.  What I have been is merely an indication of what I should be and shall be. No false glamorization of the past, only my recognition of the Now as potent with possibilities.  My present world is good.

My future is not dependent upon my past.  It is dependent upon my ability to think God’s thoughts today.  I know what I want to accomplish, and I know the way I shall go.  Today, I think as Cause to the tomorrow which will be in effect.  My aims are clear, my goal is in sight.  I can become the person God intended me to become, and what I shall be will be good, creative and honest.  I look forward to my full demonstration, and I think today in tomorrow’s terms.  I live now as though my dreams were true, for they are true.

God in me, acting through me, is the doer of the present moment.  Right where I am, God is.  In my thinking at this moment Divine Mind is the real thinker.  Around me is the plastic substance of all like, and I mold it this day to bring forth what I want.  The Law of mind is mine to use and to employ.  Today’s thinking brings forth tomorrow’s demonstration.  So, I look out at my present experience and name it good.  It is my only place to start, and I begin to give God to my day.  Recognizing each hour as my possibility to prove Truth, I think as Spirit and act as Love.  I do not hesitate to deny evil and affirm the good.  I watch my thought and handle negatives.  I see Good in my present experience.   

Taken from “365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes & Raymond Charles Barker

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