In whose hand is the soul of every living thing, and the breath of all humanity.

Job 12:10

The universe is a friendly system.  Love offers itself to me through every person in my world.  God gives of Himself through people.  I can give of God to all whom I meet today.  My face will reveal my inner peace and joy.  My walk will reveal my sense of security in the Divine Presence.  My smile will reveal the friendliness I have for my fellowman.  Whoever sees me is richer by the sight.  I radiate the qualities of the Spirit and these alone are imparted to others.  No one can find faults in me, because I have only good to give and only love to share.  I am the representative of God walking among His beloved creations.  God in me greets the God in them.

I refuse to sit in judgment upon my fellowman.  I let his business be his business and not mine.  I condemn no one.  I have faith that each is doing the best he can at his own level of consciousness.  I silently recognize the Spirit in man, and at the same time give him his freedom of self-expression.  With my eyes fastened on God’s possibility in man, I see that which heals and evolves him.  Beholding the real Man, my neighbor becomes Him, and in this becoming I am raised to new heights.  His opinions of me are not important, for I know my spiritual worth.  I walk forward on the pathway of Truth, whether my neighbor knows this or not.  I create my own destiny.

Whoever contacts me finds good in me.  I am a radiating center of creative Intelligence and Love.  No one criticizes me nor condemns me.  Everyone gives me the freedom to be myself.  My friends increase my faith in God, and my conviction of my own worth.  All people find the good in me, for I now release all self-opinionated beliefs.  I know that I am right when I am one with a Divine Purpose and a righteous activity.  My friends are a joy to my soul, and I can only give them my highest thought and my greatest love.  No one ever hurts me nor confuses me, for I behold the Christ in them.  Outer actions never confuse me, because I am seeking the inner Spirit in all.  

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