When one follows unswervingly the path of virtue it is not to win advancement.

Mencius VII.B.33

The forward look is the Godward look. My heaven will never be unless I make it out of the materials of my own thinking.  Today I set my sights on Him who fashioned me in His image and after His likeness.  I stand at the door of the abundant life and I knock.  All that I seek opens to me and beckons me to Life’s fullness.  I enter into my Divine Heritage and walk with the Great and the True.  My pathway is filled with ease, for I am thinking to take me to my goal.  All of Mind urges me on, and all Power is my strength to move.  Idea after idea comes to my consciousness in right sequence at exactly the right moment. I am inspired to right action in every detail.  I walk forward in ease.

There are no obstructions in my pathway of mind.  The mistakes of yesterday are behind, and the future beckons with promise.  God is where I am, and God will always be with me.  His hand will never loose mine, nor will His love let me go.  His listening Mind tells me to not fear the forward pace.  Only good operates in me, so only greater good can be before me.  The way is clear, and I never let my doubts create detours.  I handle each doubt as it appears and declare it to be nothing.  The way is straight, the signposts are clearly marked.  Only my fears can deter me, and these I refuse to entertain.  Thinking straight, I walk in peace to my selected good.  I am pushed from behind by the Spirit, even as I am led forward by true guidance.  I walk in faith.

My decision to accept my greater freedom is a mighty power within me.  It leads me, directs me and comforts me when doubts assail.  I am undaunted by the problems I seem to face.  I have courage, for I know my Divine Self will never fail me.  Ahead of me is the royal road to good living based on Spirit and motivated by Love.  This is the day of progress; this is the day of demonstration.  I walk in the dream of accomplishment, and my dream becomes a fact.

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