Man is idea, the image, of Love; he is not physique.

Science and Health, 475

I set apart the hours of this day which God has given to me to practice Spiritual Principles.  I not only have good intentions to do this, but I really will do this.  I am determined to prove Mind the only cause, and Law the only process.  I affirm my existence in a Life which knows what to do, and a Love which gives of Itself through me.  I behold my present world as the body of God alive with goodness and prosperity.  I know that what I think will become a fact through the Infinite Spirit.  My thinking today brings to pass my heart’s desire.  The love I release today enriches the whole world.

Because there is but One Mind, God, Infinite Good, there is nothing to prevent me from demonstrating Truth.  All power is in full action through me.  I now select what I want to demonstrate, and I subconsciously accept it as a present idea.  I know it is not only possible, but having accepted it, it must take form in my life.  The whole power and authority of the Universal Subjective now acts upon my selection and brings it forth immediately.  There is no delay; God’s action is instantaneous.  My demonstration is not dependent on time, space nor condition.  The Law is already accomplishing my word.  God’s action is full and complete, and my demonstration now takes place.

Certain of results from scientific prayer, I face the problems of this day with no fear.  Within me and acting through me is divine Intelligence forever producing right decisions and right results.  I cannot be hurt, confused nor upset.  I am a center in Peace and poise is my only reaction.  I have no criticism, no condemnation, no feeling of superiority.  I know that He who indwells me also indwells my fellowman.  I think straight, I feel love.  I am a creative center in a universal Mind.  My courage is complete, and my strength is sufficient.  I am God’s health made manifest.  Today, I am on the beam.  Today is the best day I have ever known.  Today, I give thanks for Truth.

Taken from “365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes & Raymond Charles Barker

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