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Hence evil is but an illusion, and it has no real basis.

Science and Health, 480

The allness of God and the spiritual nature of man are convictions in my mind.  I am not of the world belief, nor of the world opinion. “Thine is the kingdom, and the power and the glory forever.” Knowing One Cause operating through One Mind upon One Law and One Substance, I deny duality and its wrong experience. I have no place for evil in my thinking.  It cannot register within me, for I am single-eyed to truth.  I am poised in an absolute conviction of the omnipresence of God as Good.  I cannot be persuaded that evil is in me, nor in my fellowman.  God alone creates, and I have faith in what He creates. This world is good enough for God, so it is good enough for me.

No evil fools me.  I recognize it as a fact, but I know it will fall apart of its own false making.  It appears strong, but it is really weak.  It seems to have power, but it soon wears itself out. It tries to make me believe it is true, but only the Truth is true.  Evil is a lie from beginning to end, and I will not accept its demands nor its allures.  Infinite Mind in me reveals to me the Truth, and every possible evil is of no importance.  I do not waste one split second in its belief, nor in its sway.  My time is valuable, for every moment God thinks through me.  Instead of wallowing in past errors, I now create present good.  I am alerted to Truth.

I am determined to be a creative person through whom flow God’s Ideas.  False reports, though they seem valid, are still not the Truth. God alone is real, and Truth alone is eternal.  In God I am, and by God I exist.  His Mind is my mind now.  No other mind can function on me, and no false belief has power over me.  Evil has no existence in my consciousness and no appearance in my world.  Watching the doorway of my mind, I let in only that which accords with Spirit.  All untrue perceptions are turned aside.  Nothing in me can draw negatives, and nothing in me can create them.  I rest in a perfect Wisdom and a perfect Love.  I am surrounded by a wall of Intelligence, and only good can enter my soul.


Taken from “365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes & Raymond Charles Barker



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