O send out thy light and thy truth.

Psalm 43:3

The Light of Truth is within me, and I release It in every thought and feeling.  This Light of God has always been in me, yet only lately have I realized what it was.  I now know that It is the Divine using me as a center of perfect operation. I know that it is the Truth which I have sought and now found.  I know that it is my highest Self, and that I am It right here in my present circumstances.  God in me at this moment illuminates my whole consciousness and I am free of all un-truth.  Alerted to the Light, I give this Light to others.  Every word I speak is a light to men.  Every thought I think is a treatment to all whom I know.

The Light of Truth cannot be dimmed.  I may not see It some of the time, but It remains within me awaiting my recognition.  This Light is the light of my world.  As I look out at my environment, I am looking through the eyes of Light.  I see all things clearly, easily and normally.  Through my eyes the Light of God flows out, and healing appears everywhere.  I see only the good, the true and the eternal.  I see God in every man and Love in every heart.  Others see this Light in me, and rise to new heights of accomplishment.  They see Truth made manifest, the One Mind releasing Itself.  By their sight of God in me, they are healed physically, mentally and financially.

There is a radiance that shines from me, for God’s healing Light is the true light of my soul.  There are no dark corners in my thinking.  Memories of the past, actions of the present and hopes of the future are all exposed to this Light and are cleansed.  The wrong is erased, and the right is amplified.  I let my light shine to bless and benefit my neighbor, for it is God’s Light shining through me.  Releasing the Light, I am immersed in Lights, and true perception in mine.  I see God everywhere.  I see God in everyone I meet.  I see God in the little and the great.  Omnipresence is manifested to me.  Having received the Light, I now pass It on to others.


Taken from “365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes & Raymond Charles Barker


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