According as one acts, according as one conducts himself, so does he become.

Brihadaranyka Upanishad

In the midst of me is the Spirit of the Lord.  To me It offers Itself without limitation.  “All that the Father hath is mine.”  It forever presses upon me all its ideas and they find me a willing vehicle of expression. At every instant I am urged to be my greater self.  At every instant I am bidden to let God shine through as health, peace and creative self-expression.  The unlimited action of truth is the true source of my life.  I see this, know this, and act according to this.  I let my mind be inspired by a Wisdom greater than its present knowledge.  I see ideas as the cause of all experience, and control them to produce what I want, when I want it.  I am Mind in action.

Mind offers me all of Its Being.  Every Idea in the universe is available to me.  What I need to know today is already offered to me.  I now receive the ideas of God and give them welcome.  I open the doors of my thinking and let Divine Inspiration flow into my mind.  New vistas appear around me, as new ideas are born within me.  I have confidence, I have security.  Nothing is withheld from me, and to me comes Omniscience.  I am consciousness knowing Truth.  I am the creative process through which God acts as Mind. I am a thinker in a universal medium of mental law, and as such I alone control my destiny.  God wants me to be free, but I must accept His Ideas in order to be free.  I now do this.

I can be all things which I desire, for the ideas I need are already mine.  My consciousness is inspired by the Mind from which all things proceed.  Unto me is given the greatness of Spirit, and the way of creative accomplishment.  I deny all barriers to my success.  God sees none, and I refuse to accept them.  I join my thinking with the Divine Thinker and experience happiness here and now.  All that I have sought is found.  In me now is the answer to every question, and the solution of every problem.  I think clearly, act wisely and let my good happen.  Inspired by Mind, I think success, peace and prosperity.  I am Mind in action, for this is the inner meaning of the term “Son of God,” and this I am named by Him who created me.


Taken from “365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes & Raymond Charles Barker



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