See truth as it is and be forever free of opposition and contention.

Garland Sutra 11

I am my only enemy.  My wrong beliefs about life cause me to strain and struggle with my problems.  I decide right now to let the effortless Power of Mind act through me, and give me my freedom from struggle.  No more weariness, no more “working for a living.”  This I have discarded.  From now on I shall let the Truth control  my life.  My burden is easy and my way is light because of this decision.  My human thinking steps aside to let in God’s healing thought.  Weary of humanity, I now seek my own Divinity.  In me is the Power of God.  It created me to act through me, and I let It act.  God knows no difficulties, nor do I.  The universe displays an effortless action of Intelligence and cohesion.  This is true of my world around me, so it must be true of the world within me.

Infinite Mind has no useless Ideas, so I am of value to this world.  I now let God’s purpose create me into the being It had planned me to be.  Whiter I go Divine Wisdom knows, and what I shall be the Divine Plan has prepared.  This now takes over all my thinking and feeling, and I become the Son of god that Mind intended me to be.  Turning over all my human decisions to the Divine Knowing is easy, and Its ways make my pathway clear. I no longer struggle to be my human self.  I let God in me be whatever It has planned for me to be.  Divine Wisdom guides me, Divine Love enfolds me, and success is all that can be before me.  I let God decide.

The effortless power of the Spirit is mine to use and to enjoy.  I give it directions to produce for me health, prosperity and happiness.  This it does, because God acts at my level of consciousness.  In me God loves to be healthy.  In me God wants to be freedom in finance.  In me God wants to be love.  As an individualized outlet of the Spirit, I now take my rightful place in life.  I cease all human efforts to be good, and I let the Divine in me be what It wants to be.  God knows my next step, and reveals it.  I relax and let Mind reveal Its next idea.  God will produce my good, when I let Him do it, and this I now do.  

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