He has attendant angels, before him and behind him, watching over him by God’s command.

The Koran

The Creative Power is a mathematically exact power.  I may strive to have my own way, but in the long run God always has His way.  The Law of Mind cannot be broken, and the ways of Mind cannot be used for my own selfish ends.  There is a divine Law of balance forever maintained.  My petty likes and dislikes have no power and no reality.  The Divine Design of my life will manifest for me, whether I see the way or not.  If I run roughshod over my fellowman in my greediness for more good, I shall only have a setback.  There is nothing in God which allows me, as Its creation, to play with spiritual dynamite.  The Law remains undisturbed by my hysterics.

The balance of my thought and emotions is required by the universe.  Creation refuses good to the unbalanced individual.  Divine Wisdom is forever in balance with Divine Love.  Is my present plan consistent with both Wisdom and Love?  If it is, then I shall prosper.  If it is not, then all my efforts are in vain.  Balance will be maintained in me and my affairs, whether I like it or not.  No individual can shake the foundations of this world which are set in Law and Order.  I must be balanced to be effective, and now I let all the Wisdom and Love of God maintain me in balance.

I affirm right motives in all that I do.  The Infinite wants me to be happy, successful and at peace.  My right motives will let Divine Action take place through me, and I now do just that.  Receptive to the perfect Will, I am inspired to perfect control of mind and emotions.  This assures me of success and peace.  Balanced in my innermost parts of consciousness, order appears at the circumference of my life.  Now I can be what I want to be.  This is the day of my demonstration.  No longer do situations dominate me, for Mind is in charge and Love is the power of my life.  Intelligence directs me and feeling moves me through the mist of confusions into the answer I seek.  I am balanced.

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