The unlimited action of the Spirit works through me, and even I cannot hinder Its perfect results.  The Divine processes cannot be altered nor confused by me.  The Omnipotence of God cannot be stopped by my will.  Its action can be directed, but its flow will never cease.  I now direct It into constructive channels that bless and benefit me and my fellowman.  All that God is happens as me.  I now assume my rightful place in the Divine Order of life and let Power move through me into beneficent action.  I am never a handicap to God.  Nothing in me can impede the perfect Mind.  Divine Ideas use me as a clear outlet for their completion.  Heaven is happening to me at every instant.

I am a center in the Infinite Mind and the Love of God.  Every time I am confused and hurt, I prevent the action of Good in my life.  Knowing this, I resolve today to cease from all such futile actions on my part.  God needs me and wants me as His creative expression, and this I am.  Every positive idea finds acceptance and clearance in my thinking.  Every desire to love and to be loved finds a response in my soul. No more impediments within me, the Allness of Truth finds me and uses me for Its perfect ends.  The windows of my mind are open wide to the Divine Influx of inspiration.  The doors of my subconscious are ajar to let in the Divine Patterns which make me a whole person.  I accept my Heaven.

The stars at night shine upon the just and the unjust.  The eternal Goodness of the Creative Process offers Itself to me without judgment.  My past is not Its concern.  My present alone is sought by the Divine Wisdom and the Divine Action.  Today It wants me to be like Itself.  This challenge I accept.  I agree to let God be in me what His Intelligence wants to be.  I know that this will make me a greater person, a finer instrument for goodness and a wider avenue of love.  I place nothing in the path of the Eternal.  I fear no evil, for God is with me, and God is what I am.  All doors are open; all ideas are coming to me.  Today is alive with Truth and the future is secure.  I am open and receptive to the Divine Inflow.

Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker


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