As the Lord is called righteous and loving, so you be righteous and loving.

Sifre Deuteronomy 85a

Jesus proved that God in man is unlimited.  I accept this and now proceed to demonstrate it.  My troubles are no longer stumbling blocks.  I accept them as challenges to prove that right thinking is the creative power of life.  As I dismiss them, the solutions appear.  Temporarily they have blinded me, but now I see through the eyes of Spirit, and the way out is clear.  As I discipline my thoughts to God’s Ideas, I am divinely led to right solutions.  No matter how great my problems may be, I dismiss them as unreal.  God wants me to be happy, and that is why I want to be happy.  I can be joyous, for Mind in me knows that my good is at hand.  No delays, no obstacles – my good is where I am and I declare it.

The way is mental, not material.  I struggle with matter, but I demonstrate with Mind.  Letting go of my struggles to change conditions, I have faith that the Spirit within me generates what I need and what I want.  Too long have I tarried in the halls of matter; I now enter the upper room of Mind Action and take my place in the world as God’s representative.  Clothed with all power and all creative possibility, I see myself as victorious.  The universe is my kingdom and I rule with authority.  Never again will a trouble torment me.  I have been resurrected out of fear into all power.  I speak this word with assurance, for I know that the Law of mind does what I direct It to do.  I have a way out, and a way upward.

The way is joyous and loving.  The solution of my problems makes me a better person.  It is easier to love my fellowman.  It is easier to be a happy person.  God acting through me transforms me, and my whole viewpoint changes.  I now see that the word “impossible” is a lie.  God’s possibility is always within me awaiting my recognition.  I am now victorious over troubles.  Life spiritualized is life simplified.  In quietness my purpose becomes clear, my Divinity takes control and troubles fade as mists before the morning sun.  The way of Truth is mine today.  There is nothing to oppose me, and all of God is working for my victory.


Taken from “365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes & Raymond Charles Barker



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