AUGUST 24        


The spirit of man is the candle of the Lord, searching all the inward parts of the belly.

Proverbs 20:27

 There is a purpose and a plan in all creation.  The Divine Intelligence has always known what It was doing.  It now knows why It created me, and It is urging me to fulfill my destiny.  All of the action of God is where I am, and is in action through me at every instant.  What I need is seeking me.  What I want, I now have, for all of God is mine, Infinite Mind acts in fullness through Its creation, and I am impelled to right action.

This perfect action of Mind within me governs and directs me in pathways of blessedness.  All health is flowing through me.  God’s health is complete, and I am incapable of experiencing disease.  Vitality quickens my body, and my strength is unlimited.  Fatigue cannot operate in me today.  I am strong in the Truth, and I am vitalized by It.  I accept the perfect action of God as health, and I radiate this to others.  My strength is sufficient for every demand of life.

Prosperity is the full action of God in my world of affairs.  Business is good, for business is the circulatory action of Ideas.  I accept money as an activity of the Spirit, and I use it with wisdom. I accept the freedom which money gives to me.  I rejoice in an inflow and an outflow of money.  God’s Ideas circulate in my consciousness, and God’s money circulates through my affairs.  Divine Inspiration gives me an alertness to new ideas, and a keenness of discernment.  My business activities are established in wisdom, expansion and abundance.

The full action of God in my life is perfect peace.  The thoughts of God working in my consciousness maintain me in poise and harmony.  Order greets me wherever I go.  I am balanced by Truth, and the words that I speak give evidence of my conviction that God acts through me.

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