God is light and in him is no darkness at all.

I John 1:5

The word light, as used in the Bible, is the symbol of spiritual illumination.  It is the inner capacity in men to perceive a Divine idea and to assimilate it into his consciousness.  Any idea assimilated into consciousness must then express in man’s experience.  I now claim that the Light of Truth is mine.  I am aglow with divine possibilities.  My mind is open to the influx of spiritual ideas, and I rejoice as they enter my mind and are assimilated into my consciousness.  I know that my world is filled with light, for there is only light within me to shine forth in it.

There can be no darkness, no fear and no depression in me, or in my experience, for God is the light of my life.  All evil is dispelled, and all Truth is revealed.  The Spirit within me is my sure guide to right action.  I live in light, for my mind is filled with light.  Ideas appear on time and in order, telling me what to do and when to do it.  With an illumined mind, I live with ease today.  All good appears within me and is projected from me.

This Light within me is shared with my friends.  I give them good counsel, great inspiration and helpful thoughts.  The Christ in me shines forth to quicken the Christ in them.  My only contribution to them is one of good.  No criticism, no pessimism, just the steadfast knowing the God takes care of them, and His Light is within them as their true guide.  Wherever I go I am a blessing to man and a joy to God.  The Light that lighteth every man is within me, and I share It with others.  I am spiritually illumined and I know Truth and give Truth today. 

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