AUGUST 19   


The great, unborn Self is undecaying, immortal, undying, fearless, infinite.

Brihadaranyaka Upanishad

God is never limited by His creation.  Omnipresence, Omnipotence and Omniaction are the eternal processes of Spirit.  An Unlimited God could only create an unlimited man, and I am that man now.  My only foes are those of my own mentality.  The universe is for me, and it wants me to succeed.  I now assume my rightful place in God’s universe and move forward to my own success in life.  There are no limits placed upon me by the Divine Mind, and I now free myself of my own limited thinking.  I refuse to accept boundaries of success for all of God is before me, and His Intelligence acts through me.

I am never the victim of circumstances.  I create circumstances and adjust them as I please.  God’s creative power is my creative power.  God’s action in the acorn is not limited by the shell.  God’s action in me is not hampered by body, affairs or situations.  Out from the center of my being comes the full action of Life itself.  Under the direction of my thought It produces for me my decisions.  I select that which is progressive, creative and loving.  The new creations in my world are flexible and bless me.  As there are no fixed ideas in my mind, so there are no fixed situations in my experience.

Today, unlimited good is my experience, because the unlimited ideas of Infinite Mind fill my consciousness.  Every barrier is destroyed and every door opens. The Divine Plan of my life unfolds with ease, for there is nothing to prevent it.  Increased good appears on every hand, and I use it with wisdom.  I am the free expression of an unlimited Creator.

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