Aug 23 2015The image and likeness of God must be a perfect expression of Spirit, and I am that expression now.  Therefore, I use my body with wisdom, but I am not limited by it.  It is effect and not cause.  God’s true knowledge of me is that I am a spiritual being using body as a vehicle.  The Spirit within me is now in full control of my body.  It renews it, repairs it, and glorifies it.  My body responds to these spiritual ministrations, and is radiant with health and vitality.

The Spirit within me inspires my mind with perfect ideas and true wisdom.  Its action in my subconscious is one of cleaning and healing.  It breathes through my consciousness the breath of life, and all fixed opinions are dissolved and dissipated.  My old ideas and patterns cannot control or limit Spirit.  God in the midst of me is the only real Power, Presence and Reality.  I let the indwelling perfect pattern of me be the truth of my mind today. All my mental and emotional processes now accept the orders and decisions of the Spirit, and I have perfect mental health.

I am a perfect spiritual being, living in a perfect spiritual body, and operating in a perfect spiritual universe. This is not merely an idea; it is the truth.  I am free from all false conditioning of matter or of mind. I am Spirit, and God alone is cause in my experience.  I accept this perfect concept of myself, and my whole being gives evidence of it.

Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker


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