Blind is this world.  Few are those who clearly see.


God looks out upon His universe and declares it to be good.  The eyes of the Lord are never dimmed.  Perfect sight is my inheritance, and I see all things clearly, easily and normally. Through my eyes the Light of the world enters my consciousness bringing me beauty and glory.  I have spiritual vision in my consciousness, and perfect sight in my eyes.  There is nothing to distort God’s eternal beauty, for I look at it and see it as it really is.  All creation is harmonious and in right proportion.  My eyes see the harmony and balance of heaven in every scene.  Looking for good in my world is easy, for God is everywhere, and His Intelligence reveals Itself on my pathway.

With my eyes focused on good, my day is blessed with demonstrations.  There is no strain in seeing the hand of the Lord make glorious His creation.  I look upon the riches of glory in all nature.  I look upon the “image and likeness of God” in every person.  Around me perfection awaits my recognition, and within me is the vision of true holiness. Beauty beckons to me in all things, and love calls out to me from all people.  I dedicate my eyes to seeing God in all and through all this day.

The Light of the world is the light of my eyes.  I behold the Truth in every situation, and the Christ in every man.  Darkness cannot limit me, for the true Light is from within.  There is nothing to becloud my sight, for all life co-operates with me in seeing clearly.  My eyes are blessed with clarity, and the Kingdom of Heaven is in view.  God looks out upon His Heaven by means of my eyes, and I let this perfect action take place.  I need no help in doing this, for God’s eyes are my eyes now.


Taken from “ 365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes & Raymond Charles Barker  



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