Lo! We have shown man the way, whether he be grateful or disbelieving.

The Koran

God is unconditioned by time, space or belief.  As the perfect expression of this Infinite Mind, I am not under the laws of time, space and belief.  The instantaneous action of Mind produces immediate demonstrations in my experience.  No longer do I wait for my good.  No longer do I hope, trust and expect.  I am now established in instant results.

The Lord is with me.  The Lord is where I am.  The action of God is taking place now in my affairs.  What needs to be done is already done, for Mind sees the end from the beginning.  Cause and effect are one action.  Prayer and demonstration are one unit.  There is no longer a beginning and an end, a treatment and a healing.  In my consciousness there is only the complete understanding that at this moment all is accomplished, and I already have what I formerly thought I needed to have.

Having erased the concept of time and space form my thought, I now claim my perfection of mind, body and affairs.  I claim it as an actual fact now; not tomorrow but today; not in an hour but at this instant.  The world cannot limit me; people cannot inhibit me; and God is for me.  No more alibis; no more delaying mind-action.  God, and God alone, is in action through me, and I have all that I can use of His Intelligence and Love.  Within me perfection is; around me perfection has appeared.  Duality has been dissipated, and Unity has been established.  I thank God for this, and act upon this premise.  All that is good in mine, and all that is true is mine now.  My world blesses me.  My body is a joy to me.  My friends and loved ones are perfect spiritual beings now.  It is all here, and it is all mine.

Taken from “ 365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes & Raymond Charles Barker  

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