For the word of God is quick and powerful…

Hebrews 4:12

All of God is available to every person.  Nothing is ever withheld from a sincere seeker of Truth.  The Infinite Mind releases all of Its Ideas to every receptive consciousness.  I now receive ideas direct from God, and I assimilate them and express them.  These ideas are perfect and complete, revealing to me all that I need to know for this day.  My way is now easy, for I know what to do at every instant, and order does prevail.  I am inspired by God to do right and to live abundantly.  No more doubt, no more questioning.  I know exactly the way to go, the thought to think, and the love to express.

God’s Ideas fill my mind, and there is no room for any wrong thoughts.  I claim my health, my prosperity and my full self-expression.  As I make these claims, the Infinite supplies everything I need to fulfill them.  All power is given unto me to demonstrate the desires of my heart.  All life surges through me as health. All prosperous ideas quicken my consciousness, and money comes to me from all directions.  I deny any and all negative thoughts which seem to contradict this Truth.  I know that God backs me up in every situation with right ideas.  These ideas move me forward in ever-increasing joys of life.  I shall never hesitate again in moving forward with wisdom.

What every great Spiritual Teacher did, I can now do.  The same Ideas which inspired them, inspire me.  God gives of Himself with lavish abundance, and I rejoice to receive His Ideas now.  All of good is before me, as I accept this inspiration from on high.  I give thanks for my freedom from all problems, and my ability to meet all situations. The Lord is with me, now and forevermore, and I am sustained by His Truth.


Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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