My mercy embraces all things.

The Koran

The universe remains forever in perfect balance.  No thought or creation of man can confuse the eternal heavens.  The perfect action of intelligence maintains Its creation in peace, order and harmony.  This is the true state of the world in which I live.  Around me in normal activity, and within me is a peace born of God.  As I know this, and accept this, I relax and let the Infinite Mind do Its perfect work through me.  Peaceful thoughts flow through my mind, and rest flows through my body.

Nothing can disturb me, for I am anchored in peace.  I am led beside the still waters, and my soul is refreshed.  Never again will the confused opinions of others have power over me.  False speculations of the human mind no longer intrigue me or lead me into chaos. Now, I am firm in the Truth and the power of Its word.  I do not accept appearances as truth.  I have spiritual shrewdness to see good where others see evil.  Peace is mine today, and no person or situation can confound me.  I know that the harmony of heaven is where I am, and in all that that I do.  Poise is my attitude and order is my vision.

Recognizing peace as my normal environment, I give peace to others.  My presence in any group is calming.  My speech reflects my inner peace.  I speak of those things which are true of God and true of God’s spirit in man.  By my silent thought I still the troubled waters of other minds.  I know that peace is natural to all people, so I seek its center in all whom I know.  The healing peace of God radiates from me, and I am a blessing to my world.  This day I am peaceful, loving and wise.


Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

One thought on “Aug. 13, 2017 – THERE IS PEACE IN MY SOUL

  1. It is amazing how these affirming excerpts speak more life, in to my life everyday. These excerpts are always on point for exactly what i need to know and hear for that day and/or moment.Thank you to the UP church family for sharing and for being a resource!

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