Aug 09 2015Free will does not mean that wrong thinking is justifiable.  Infinite Mind created man a free soul in order that man might experiment with varying combinations of right ideas.  I am free to think in all possible ways about the good, the true and the perfect.  There are endless possibilities of right thinking and of right action.  I now assume dominion of my mind and emotions, and dedicate them to positive goals.  I enjoy the infinite variety of Divine ideas, and I contemplate their possibilities of making me a new creature expressing spiritual discernment.

My faith in God is so great that I have no faith in evil.  I cannot conceive of evil’s power, for I know that God alone is power and is presence.  Life to me is an affirmative action of thought.  I think affirmatively this day, knowing that good is created, maintained and extended by so doing.  I drink of the living water of spiritual Truth, and am never thirsty for error again.  I eat of the heavenly manna of God’s Ideas, and never again hunger for old experiences.  I look forward with my mind and create good ahead of me.  I do this deliberately, for my future will be the result of my thinking today.

God’s thoughts are now my thoughts, and good appears instantly wherever I look. Thinking rightly of God and of man is a joyous and easy accomplishment.  My mind is centered in heaven and good is established in my earth.  Ideas of good appear in my consciousness continuously, and I give them free action through me.  I am in full control of my own destiny, and I now create good alone.  Recognizing only the one true Source of my thinking, I experience only the one possible effect in my experience – the effect of good.  Controlled, poised and sure, I see God everywhere as I think His thoughts with Him.

Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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