And now the Lord shew kindness and truth unto you; and I also will requite you this kindness, because ye have done this thing.

II Samuel 2:6

The Truth is that which is really so, and God alone is Truth.  Too long have I accepted half-truth and false speculations of evil as being true, when only the real is permanent.  With my mind established in truth, I look at all my fears and see them as nothing.  I know that they have hampered me for too long a time, but now I am free, for I see them as they really are.  Never again will the old race ideas of age, lack and disease intrigue my mind and confuse my soul.  I am the free creation of Spirit, and I know the Truth of freedom.

The Truth of my life is that God’s Action is my activity.  This is always healthy, strong and moving forward through finer expressions of body.  God acts through me as vitality and power.  I am not under the laws of a human body, for my true body is God’s Idea of man.  This is my real body now, and in it I am living with joyous freedom of movement.

The Truth of my world is that it is heaven right here and right now.  Despite my limited viewpoints and human mind opinions, my real world is heaven.  In this heaven of the Presence of God I do that which is pleasing to the Christ within me.  I live with ease, and I accomplish great things.  The ever-expanding activity of God frees me from the past, blesses me in the present and makes great the future before me.

I am determined to know Truth this day.  In all people, I behold God’s perfect man.  In all situations I behold the Glory of God unfolding.  I expect miracles to happen, for nothing can inhibit the action of God, which is the Truth of my life.

Taken from “ 365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes & Raymond Charles Barker  

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