Aug 01 2015God made man in His own image and likeness, and I am that man now.  God is the Creator of heaven and earth, so I am the creator of my own heaven and my own earth.  I stand in the midst of my own consciousness and assume control.  No longer am I acted upon by my world.  I now am cause to my world. I act in mind, and my world reacts in matter in direct response to my demand.  I am cause, not effect.  I am Spirit releasing Itself into form under freedom.  With my new sense of spiritual responsibility, I create in my experience blessings for myself and good for my fellowman.

Having taken my stand as the cause of my own experience, I know create the unique, the unusual and the different in my world.  God’s Ideas are always new Ideas.  They never repeat.  With my consciousness acting in its true place in the Divine Mind, all things are made new and fresh in my world.  Old patterns of routine and monotony are demolished, and a new mental structure of flexibility and ease is mine.  I let go of the past with joy.  I accept the responsibility of right thinking in the present, and I expect only new forms of good in the future.

I act upon the plastic substance of the universe with intelligence and authority.  My world cannot make me sick, poor or unhappy.  My world has no power or authority over me.  I tell it what to do, and it does it.  As I think the Ideas of God, heaven appears as my world.  Health, happiness and peace are mine today, because in my freedom to use God’s law of mind, I create them and rejoice in them.

Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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