APRIL 30   


Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid.   

John 14:27

I have faith in the eternal goodness of God and of man.  I know that never again will fear distort my thinking, for I now am sure of my Divine Security.  The Lord is with me wheresoever I go.  Divine Intelligence guides me, whatsoever I do.  Divine Love flows through me to whomever I meet.  This is the truth of this day, and I am established in it.

I am unafraid and untroubled; because I know that I walk in Omnipresence, think with Omniscience and act with Omnipotence.  Order, harmony and peace abide in me and flow from me. New ideas come to me; old ideas are released from me.  Having no fear, I meet every situation with poise.  There is calm, beauty and joy on every hand.  God’s perfect world is my world, and God’s perfect people are my only contacts.  My life is easy for God is ruling my day.

Every hour of this day is alive with God.  His Mind never lets me go for even a split second.  Divine Guidance is forever in me, seeking to lead me into greater accomplishments.  Turning within to Spirit, all pressure is taken from me.  I no longer need to assert myself, for now the Truth flows out from me and Its Divine Assertion delivers me from all problems.

Peace fills my mind; love fills my heart and God is always where I am.  I discard doubt, for I know that the One Mind knows what to think in me, and what to produce through me.  Lovingly and trustingly, I let my God-Self express.  I declare the glad tidings of great joy to my fellowman.  I thank God for life, and I live this life fearlessly, wisely and lovingly.

Taken from “ 365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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