APRIL 26   


But deliver us from evil   

Matthew 6:13

I am delivered from all my difficulties, for God in me is my deliverance.  Infinite Mind knows no restrictions, and I, as Its representative on earth, am now free, whole and at peace.  My consciousness controls my world, and I refuse to think evil.  I think Truth, and thus Truth controls my world.  Peace is mine this day, for in my thought there is nothing to fight, there is only God to realize.  I love to contemplate the things of the Spirit.

As I steadfastly think of God and His heaven, I forget that evil has ever been, is now, or ever could be.  I see that truth alone prevails, and Love alone heals.  I speak the Truth and am healed by Divine Love.  I am radiant with joy, for never again shall error fool me, nor human opinions ensnare me.  I am Spirit, and I think in Spiritual terms.  I am the expression of Divine Intelligence, and all my thinking is geared to this premise.

The unreality of evil is true, and I accept this.  I no longer seek it, or use it as an excuse for my own failure to see the Good.  God didn’t make evil, and I refuse to believe in it, or in any power ascribed to it.  The whole world is my friend.  Co-operation greets me wherever I go.  All people help me, and all situations bless me.  I am delivered from all negation.

The action of God taking place in my affairs today eliminates and prevents evil from appearing.  It has no power and no reality, and I see only God in myself and my affairs.  My salvation is of God, for His Mind is mine to use for the glory of good and the furtherance of peace.  I walk in wisdom, born of the Spirit, forevermore. 

Taken from “ 365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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