And lead us not into temptation   

Matthew 6:13

I am an outlet for the Mind of God.  This Eternal Spirit is always thinking rightly through me, and I rejoice in its perfect action in my consciousness.  I am never tempted to think evil, for God is in me as my defense and my deliverance.  Knowing that Spirit is the cause of my being, I cannot be lead into temptation.  I am strong in the Lord and the power of His right thinking.  To every negative that appears in my thought, I am inviolate.  Nothing but God and His perfect Ideas have power in me, nor can act through me.

I stand firmly for the Truth.  I believe that this is God’s universe, and I am willing that God should run His universe.  I cease my human opinions and human judgments.  I let God act through me.  I let His Mind make every decision.  I let Divine Love handle all my personal relationships.  I relax and let Infinite Truth reveal Itself in my life and affairs.  I have faith that the Holy Spirit of right action is now in full dominion in my consciousness.

I am not led into temptation to believe that a power opposes me.  I know that Mind alone is power, and all of Mind is for me. I decide whether my world shall be heaven or hell.  My thinking and feeling alone determine my experience.  Therefore, never again will I be tempted to blame outer circumstances and other people for my own wrong thinking.  I think rightly always.

I am permanently established in right thinking, and I cannot be moved.  I leave the old patterns of thought, and I now think God’s Ideas with Him.  My life is rich in love, and all my ways are peace, for I am an expression of a Mind that never wavers.


Taken from “ 365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker




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