APRIL 23  


Give us this day our daily bread   

Matthew 6:11

God gives to me all that I am capable of receiving.  My consciousness alone determines the richness or the poverty of my thinking.  I am the recipient of all that God is, and today I increase my knowledge of God.  Into my thought God pours all of His Ideas.  I do not live by labor alone, but by every Idea in the Mind of God.  This is my true source of supply.  Knowing this, I open my mind to receive the inflow of Spiritual Inspiration which the Infinite is forever showering upon me.  I love to think with the Ideas of Spirit.

I accept the bounty of God, for I know that His Mind has planned it for me.  My God is a rich Mind that knows only abundance, health and peace.  These are mine today, for I am the beloved Son of the Father.  The Lord giveth, but does not take away.  I eat of the bread of the Spirit.  I am nourished in consciousness by the living Truth.  I hunger and thirst after righteousness, and I am filled, for God is within me sustaining my every right action.

My mental food determines the kind of world in which I live.  I now choose my mental nourishment as wisely as I do the physical.  If my body needs a balanced diet, so does my soul.  As all of Truth is offered to me, I have a perfect repast from which to select.  I now balance wisdom with love, joy with creative work and power with true authority.  My mind is well fed with Truth.

Every channel of my thinking is now open and receptive to the Ideas of Truth, which are the true living bread.  I feast upon the goodness of God.  I think of the abundance that is now mine and thank God for it.

Taken from “ 365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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