APRIL 21  


Thy will be done   Matthew 6:10

I am the agent of the Eternal.  I am an ambassador at large for God.  His will is that I shall express all His attributes, and I do this with joy.  In me the will of God is accomplished by my right thinking, right loving and right action.  I love to do the will of my Father, for as I do it, I have increased good in my life.  I let my light shine before men, that they seeing that light shall glorify my Father.  

I am aware of a Divine Purpose and a Divine Plan.  God knows what he is doing, and in me God always knows what to do.  I am a part of His Plan, and I play this part with my whole being.  In me the Mind of God is in full control, and this is my security.  Knowing that the will of God is for greater good, I let that will be mine now.  I cooperate fully with the indwelling Spirit.  I turn within to this Spirit for the answer to every question, and the solution of every problem.

I accept the Divine Design of my life.  Ahead of me is a planned road of ever-unfolding good.  Each day brings added power.  Each hour brings new and greater possibilities for my advancement.  I look ahead and see my spiritual destiny evolve with ease.  There is nothing to cause fear, worry or discontent, for God’s will is my certainty of good.

I rest in the complete assurance that God’s Idea of me is perfect.  God only knows that I am alive with His life, radiant with His health and expressing fully His purpose.  All of this I now know for myself.  I let God’s perfect will be mine this day.

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