APRIL 20   


Thy Kingdom come   

Matthew 6:10

I let the Kingdom of God be my basis this day.  I know that this Kingdom is one of righteousness and truth.  I know that It is already here, and that I am already in It.  I open my eyes to see God where I am.  I open my consciousness to the inflow of Spiritual Ideas.  I open my heart to the divine Love of God.  Into me now pours the living stream of Truth and I give It full power to act by means of me.

I am willing to set aside my personal opinions, prejudices and will, for “greater is He that is within me than he that is within the world.”  Divine Intelligence now governs my thinking.  I let God take over the operation of my life.  I have absolute faith that increased good is the only result of God’s activity.  I believe that God’s will for me is good and It is working for me now.  Perfect Mind inspires me; Perfect Love upholds me.

I am a thinker in a Divine Law of Mind action.  What I think causes something to happen.  I gear my thinking to the Divine, and all that happens to me is good.  I am cause to my world, and my thinking is based on right motives.  My right causation necessitates my right experience.  It is easy to prove God where I am, and in what I do.  I now do this.

The Kingdom of God is within me, and I now release It into my world.  Through my mind, heart and hands God works, thinks and loves.  Through my voice the Word of Truth is spoken.  All who contact me are healed, blessed and prospered, for I am true to the Kingdom of Heaven in my thought this day.

Taken from “ 365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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