APRIL 19   


Hallowed be thy name

Matthew 6:9

I honor my Creator by living in justice today.  I give full credit to the Infinite Mind that thinks through me.  I know that as I let God govern my thought and control my emotions I will be successful.  I cannot make a mistake for I affirm that God indwells me, acts through, and acts for me.  This I do, for I believe that true Wisdom is not of man but of God.  This Wisdom is now mine, and It directs the affairs of my life.

I am indebted to God for His patience, His love and His wisdom.  I pay my debt by living according to His Laws.  I forgive myself my own wrong conclusions, and free myself from the past.  Today is alive with Truth, and I know Truth now.  I believe in my own Divinity and give all honor to Him who brought me forth out of His own Substance of Love.  I act with wisdom worthy of the Mind which created me.  I forgive and forget all evil, and hold fast to that which is good.  I am conscious of God at this instant.  

The Wholeness of God is seeking expression through me.  Mind never does things in parts; It always fulfills Its Ideas.  Spiritually I am a whole person.  This means I am not frustrated, not unhappy and not limited.  All that the Infinite is, individualizes Itself through me.  This wholeness is my real satisfaction.  I am now happy with a permanent happiness.

To me is given the joy of knowing God and knowing him aright.  Knowing what God is, I now express all that God is.  I so live that all people shall call me blessed.  I am a credit to God and a joy to my fellowman.

Taken from “ 365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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