And I will dwell in the house of the Lord forever.   

Psalm 23:6

I live in an expanding universe that is potent with Divine possibilities.  On every hand the presence of God is beckoning to me, inviting my growth.  Truly, I dwell in the house of the Lord today.  There is nothing to hold me back, for His Mind in me presses me forward into larger living and greater thinking.  I steadfastly increase my awareness of God in my present world.  Right here and now I make my demonstration.  I joyously accept an expanding, unfolding life of true service to God and to my fellowman.

I live in an evolving universe that bids me grow in the ways of the Spirit.  God is seeking to make me a greater person, and a more useful citizen of His good heaven on earth.  I seek out larger Ideas of Truth.  I keep the windows of my soul open to new and fresh ways of knowing Truth.  I evolve into that “image and likeness” which is already my inner Pattern.  I let go of the “little” to accept the “more.”  I grow in wisdom, in spiritual stature, in favor with God and with man.

Where I am, I shall make my demonstration of Truth.  I no longer wait for the future to solve my problems.  Today, I live in Omnipresence, and right now my good is at hand. What I seek is seeking me.  The Idea I need is now in my consciousness, and the Law of Mind is producing it.  I relax and realize that today is good, tomorrow will be better, and each day is God’s day.

I live in a loving universe, where God’s friendliness is on every hand.  Divine Love enfolds me and flows from me.  I love the Love of God in everyone I know.  I am loved by the Love of God in everyone I know.  I dwell in Love this day.


Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker



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