Apr 11 2015Thy rod and thy staff they comfort me    Psalm 23:4

Surrounded by Good, I walk this day in peace.  The Mind and Love of God supports me in every decision I make and in everything I do.  It is impossible to escape from the Presence of God, so it is impossible to lack for any good thing.  All that God is, is mine this day.  It supports me; It enfolds me.  I feel this eternal Presence of Love.

Like David, the Psalmist, I know that the rod and the staff of Spirit are bringing forth my demonstrations of Truth.  The Mind and the Law are mine to use today.  They will produce for me my sincere desires, for they must create what I choose to think.  I turn in thought to God, knowing that His instant response is assured.  I give thanks in advance for my healing.  I accept my good from God.

There is joy in my heart and hope in my thinking.  I shall never again be blocked in my roadway of expanding understanding.  I am joyous; for I know that I am never defeated and never repulsed.  God’s action through me is victorious, and my demonstrations come to pass on time and in order.  This is the joy of living according to Truth.

I am encircled with the Armor of Truth.  I walk through the Presence of God.  I work with the Power, Intelligence and Joy of Divine Mind.  Everything blesses me, and I bless everything.  I cannot fail, for God Himself created me and acts through me.  My word is the law unto my universe, and I speak words of Truth.  Sustained at every moment by Love, I live in peace, work in joy and relax in beauty.  All is well with my soul.

Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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