Apr 09 2015I will fear no evil    Psalm 23:4

God is where I am, and in this Presence I am secure today.  I will fear no evil, for I understand Truth.  Sustained by the Mind of God I live fearlessly, joyously and freely.  Nothing can stop the right action of God in my life.  At every instant God acts, and I know this Action is around me, within me and upon me.  There is nothing to fear; there is only God to know.

The Power of the Spirit is my protection from all that is unlike God.  This Power is working for me and is working through me.  It makes my way easy and my burden light.  It goes before me and eliminates every obstacle that would confound me.  Immersed in the Divine Presence I am now experiencing Its good, Its peace and Its love.  I am surrounded and upheld by Almighty God, and my soul is filled with peace.

God is all there is, and there is nothing to believe except this eternal goodness. Evil is a lie, and departs from me now forevermore.  I cannot believe in sickness, lack or unhappiness.  I know that there is no power, no authority and no continuity of negation.  My world, being the presence of God, is aware only of Truth and Beauty.  All other does not exist.

Regardless of circumstances, I keep my mind free of worry and doubt, for I know that Spirit is the only Cause and Love is the only effect.  I have complete faith in God and His Law of right action.  Radiant with Love, no one can hurt me.  Inspired by Divine Intelligence, nothing can confuse me.  Filled with the perfect Peace, nothing can disturb me.  I meet life this day with ease and the expectancy of increased blessings.

Taken from “Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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