APRIL 6   


He leadeth me in the paths of righteousness   

Psalm 23:3

The righteousness of God is my righteousness now.  Today I offer to my world only the right action of a wise mind and a loving heart.  I do this because my inner self impels me to do it.  It leads me into right activities, right decisions and right associations.  I love to let out more and more of God into my world through my right thinking and wise behavior.

The naturalness of God fills my mind, and I am free and natural as I express His Life, Love and Wisdom.  I have no false piety, only the knowledge that God loves to act through me and I let Him.  I am expressing my real inner and perfect self in all I do, say or think.  I am established in true righteousness, and this inner sense of balance and normalcy leads me into increased good.

All inner confusions are now erased.  My subconscious is completely receptive to the good, the potent and the right.  Deep within me God’s Ideas are accepted with joy and demonstrated with ease.  My true Divinity awakens and I walk free of all that would limit me.  The royal road to true success is before me, and I walk it with power and ease.

In me love and wisdom are balanced, for God is my source of Love and Wisdom.  I release these great qualities of life with joy and ease.  I rightly use my mind for positive thinking.  I rightly use my love for lifting my fellowman.  All who contact me this day sense my inner right-mindedness and are benefited.  My mind is centered in Spirit; my body is centered in Health and my life is Divinely directed in all its ways.

Taken from “ 365 Days of Richer Living” by Ernest Holmes and Raymond Charles Barker

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